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Welcome to the Cass County HealthCast a project of the Cass County Health Department

Episode 15: Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Awareness March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! Listen as Health Educator Hillary Kelly gives insight on what colorectal cancer is and how individuals can reduce their risks and increase prevention.

Episode 14: Physical Activity & Exercise: CCHC Health Educators discuss physical activity and exercise! Listen to understand what physical activity and exercise is along with current recommendations and examples of how everyone, at any age, can incorporate physical activity or exercise into their everyday lives.

Episode 13: Heart Health with Suzanne Filbert. February is American Heart Month! We talk with CCHC Nurse Practitioner Suzanne Filbert about cardiovascular disease, the causes, and what we can do to prevent heart disease and live a very long heart healthy life!

Episode 12: Cervical Cancer. Listen as we talk with Emily Eichelberger, CCHC Nurse Practitioner, about cervical cancer, steps for screenings, prevention, and treatments.

Episode 11: MAR Program with Rebecca Ridgeway: Rebecca joins the healthcast team to educate and inform us on the Cass County Health Clinic's MAR Program for opioid and substance addiction.

Episode 10: Nutritional Needs for a Healthier Lifestyle

Episode 9: Cass County Health Department offers a number of services to our community members that some might not even know of. Listen to learn all the services that CCHD provides for residents in the Cass County area.

Episode 8: Teegan Lund, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, speaks about what skills we can implement to help regulate our emotions during this time of year.

Episode 7: Diabetes - Education and information of what diabetes is, how it affects both men and women, and how to prevent and manage the disease.

Episode 6: Women's Health Screenings - Discussion, information, and awareness of important women's health screenings for overall health and well being.

Episode 6 Transcripts / Transcripciones del episodio 6

Episode 5: Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program-- A Quick Conversation with Jesse Franklin, a Navigator with IBCCP

Episode 4: Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment-- A quick conversation with CCHC's Sarah Christian to discuss health insurance options on the marketplace

Episode 3: Children's Dental Month-- A quick conversation on how to take care of your children's teeth with dental hygienist Jenn Plunk.

Episode 2: Heart Health Month -- A quick conversation with CCHC's Dr. Dirck Curry about how to keep your heart healthy.

Cass County Health Department Prepares for Upcoming Census

Listen to Cass County Health Department's Public Health Coordinator Andrew English answer common questions about the 2020 Census.

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